Who are we?
The ALVVF was born from the merger in 1959 of two associations hayangeoises, the AFCV (Association of Family Camps Holidays) Oasis manager Lorraine Vendée since 1951 and LAC (Leisure and Culture Association), founded in 1956, attending the Youth center in Hayange-Bellevue and the origin of a proposed holiday center for teenagers in Courchevel, in 1957, and materialized in 1964.
Originally scheduled to host young people during the summer, the two have steadily developed and adapted over time, especially in the mountains in winter in Courchevel, which is now a world renowned resort and appreciated, and where Lorraine Savoie figure is a showcase of the association.
Our association asserts its independence and freedom, is sufficient to itself for its normal functioning, but logically call for making the Family Allowance Fund and the General Council on major investments
It is run by a committee elected by an elected Board itself by its members in annual general meeting, in a spirit of full democracy. It is emphasized the deep sense of volunteerism that drives all the members, who volunteer at times resembles a priesthood.
So we only control our own destiny ....
The holiday remains a place and an opportunity to discover the values ​​of community life.
The association ALVVF has developed and diversified around its founding principles, the right to holidays, focus on the individual profitability and a disinterested management.
We have created products that respect our members and our guests by encouraging personal development during the holidays.
Association Loisirs & Vacances de la Vallée de la Fensch
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Who are we ?
Association Loisirs & Vacances de la Vallée de la Fensch - 3 esplanade de la Liberté - 57700 Hayange
Tél. : +33(0)3 82 85 09 50 - E-mail : contact@alvvf.fr
Association loi 1908 - Code APE 552 E - Siret 779 972 876 00014 - RC Thionville 92 B27